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Through a series of trials, we saw PhycoTerra®, our proprietary soil amendment improve the relative abundance of beneficial microbes by as much as 3X. Microbes, the key indicator of soil health, may only live days, but is the start to sustainable and regenerative agriculture.


With the application of PhycoTerra®, you can retain the soil that you have, improve the soil that remains, and restore the soil that you have lost. 

Carrot Foliage

Just 14-days after the application of PhycoTerra®, we noted that the treated carrot foliage was 30% more resiliant. Displayed below is the % of foliage affected during our 14-day trial.

Untreated Control
55%% Foliage Affected
38%% Foliage Affected


After the application PhycoTerra®, we saw that our peppers resist drought stress to bear heavier fruit. Displayed below is the average fruit fresh weight in a comparison of untreated peppers and peppers with PhycoTerra® soil amendment.

Untreated Control
80%Ideal Irrigation - Weight (G)
Untreated Control
20%50% Reduction
100%Ideal Irrigation - Weight (G)
60%50% Reduction


Stressed melons with 4X  drip application of PhycoTerra® saw 10% more yeild.


After the application PhycoTerra®, broccoli returns per acre topped 50:1. Displayed below is the yelid (lbs/acre) when comparing various soil treatments.

Grower Standard
30%28,000 lbs/acre
Propriety Blend
25%25,000 lbs/acre
PhycoTerra® + Proprietary Blend
75%32,000 lbs/acre

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