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We’re working to improve profitability and soil health while promoting regenerative agriculture!
PhycoTerra Product Guarantee Vegetable Farm


At Heliae® Agriculture we understand there are many challenges farmers and their trusted advisors face when considering something new. Whether it is a product that’s new to them like PhycoTerra® or a new approach to farming like regenerative agriculture.


To help introduce PhycoTerra® products to new growers, we developed the PhycoTerra® Product Performance Guarantee.


Here’s how it works:


  1. Use PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic soil microbe food on your crops this season to help improve soil quality and increase yields and quality for your crops. Give us your toughest fields so we can help improve your yields.
  2. Compare results at harvest including yield and quality between the PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic-treated field and an untreated portion of the field.
  3. Get coverage for your purchase price. Given the impressive results we’ve seen in our field experience with PhycoTerra® products, we confidently offer to refund the price paid for our product by the grower for enrolled acres, up to the suggested retail price (SRP) as a credit to the retailer.


The benefits of PhycoTerra® are greatest in your challenging fields. Fields where soil organic matter is low…where abiotic and biotic stress are high…and where crops just aren’t as resilient as they should be. Use PhycoTerra® to help make your average fields perform more like your best-yielding fields.

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Please enter your retailer representative's information below:

To be eligible for contest prizes growers must meet all performance Guarantee Qualifying criteria, and must submit a photo of crop development. Due dates vary by crop, see Heliae Representative for details.

The ONLY difference allowed between the untreated and treated parts of the field is the application of a PhycoTerra® All other treatments must be exactly the same. The sections of the field must have similar soil types, drainage, general characteristics and production histories.

To upload a shape file (.dbf, .shp, .shx) please .zip the files and select upload.

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PhycoTerra® Improves Crop Performance


We hope you’ve seen the benefits of PhycoTerra® products throughout the year and now at harvest.

Just complete the form below until it recognizes your name and enrolled field…then hit the upload button, select the files for each step of the process and send.

Good luck! Remember that your final yield results and ROI are needed to qualify for our ROI Photo contest. Don’t miss your opportunity to win.

PhycoTerra Results with Marketable Yield


Complete the requirements of this program and submit your yield results, quality reports and photos to be eligible to win an ORCA® Cooler

Prizes for the Highest Increases

All 5 growers and their retail salesperson will each receive a
75qt Orca Cooler (valued at $385).

Terms & Conditions

Program effective period: 
January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. This program covers crops planted or treated during calendar year 2020 and is limited to those fields that have been accepted into the PhycoTerra® Performance Guarantee before December 31, 2020.
Annual crops planted during the winter of 2020/2021 also qualify so long as they are enrolled by December 1, 2020. Permanent crops like trees, vines, brambles, etc. must be established and have borne at least one harvestable crop in the prior year to be enrolled in the guarantee. Fields may qualify for this guarantee if they not have received any previous application of PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic soil microbe food products.

Click here for full terms and conditions.