Ensuring Success

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Biological products naturally behave differently than synthetic, manufactured products.


Microalgae products like PhycoTerra® have an abundance of bio-active compounds. Similar to orange juice with pulp, when you let the product rest, the natural fiber and other components of a biological product naturally settle. To ensure proper product application, the contents must be shaken to get the contents back into suspension.


This is why every container of PhycoTerra® comes with an AGITATE BEFORE USING label. Simply follow these seven easy steps to get the most out of your jug of PhycoTerra®. A small amount of residue at the bottom of the jug is a normal occurrence with our natural product and will not impact performance in the tank or in the field.

Simple Steps to Soil Success

Step 1

Tighten cap, then turn PhycoTerra® container upside down. This allows the heavier components on the bottom to move into suspension.

Step 2

Using the handle as a pivot point in your hand, rock the PhycoTerra® jug back and forth to agitate and suspend the contents in solution.

Step 3

Shake side to side and back and forth vigorously for 45 seconds.

Short on Time?

Use a power drill with a paint mixing attachment small enough to fit inside the 2-inch opening. Use the lowest setting on the drill to prevent splattering.

Step 4

Add product into the tank.

Step 5

Rinse the jug with water. Don’t have water? Only pour half the product into the tank before moving on to Step 6.

Step 6

Recap and shake vigorously once again to loosen any remaining product.

Step 7

Empty jug into the spray tank.

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