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The approach of Heliae Agriculture products is different. The innovative microalgae-derived technology found in PhycoTerra® dramatically increases the growth of native soil microbes – making it a perfect fit for regenerative agriculture. The explosion of soil microbe growth generates positive results for crops and the soil, so farmers can get paid benefits as they improve soil health.


Bioactive compounds produced by the microbes promote plant growth. The growth process efficiently sequesters carbon within the soil itself and in the increased biomass produced by the crop. As they grow, soil microbes colonize soil aggregates and improve soil structure. Soil aggregation allows more water to penetrate the soil surface and to be held for use by growing crops. Improved nutrient and water availability have been shown to improve crop yields and quality.
PhycoTerra® Organic Product


Though our product is sustainable, we wanted to go even further and provide a 100% organic option. PhycoTerra® Organic is our OMRI Listed® and CDFA Registered soil amendment for organic farms. Working directly with the growers across the U.S. we have created a product that can be applied cost effectively by multiple ground application methods.

PhycoTerra® Conventional Product


Improving soil structure, our microalgae technology helps soil retain moisture and improve drainage of all soil types. Soil aggregates become flocculated allowing for better water infiltration, soil drainage, and root growth. Unlike other agriculture products on the market, ours works to restore the natural quality of beneficial soil and balance the overall soil ecosystem.


ST is specifically designed to supercharge the seed microbiome by adding a high-quality carbon source to the seed. This unique carbon source drives optimal microbiome around the seed, improving crop establishment and yield.

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