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PhycoTerra® Seed Treatment is a new formulation specifically designed to improve the microbiome around your seed. 


Specifically designed to supercharge the seed microbiome by adding a high-quality carbon source to the seed. This unique carbon source drives optimal microbiome around the seed, improving crop establishment and yield. 

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Optimize Your Seed with a New and Unique Seed Treatment Option PhycoTerra® ST Improves Early Seed Interactions with Soil Microbes


Seeds Farm Their Own Microbes


Do you want to super charge your seed treatment program this season? Let’s start by improving the relationship between the seed and its local soil bacteria and fungal partners! In short, seeds “pay” for microbial “work” by feeding them with the carbon from their seed coat (Figure 1). In return, the well-fed microbes mineralize nutrients from the soil around the seed resulting in improved growing conditions for the crop.   PhycoTerra®ST offers a great way to add a superior microbial food source to the seed itself, giving the seed an improved capacity to put the microbes around it to work!


What Is PhycoTerra ® ST?


PhycoTerra® ST contains a unique microbial food source that promotes an optimal microbiome around the seed, improving crop establishment, and overall yield (Figure 2).  Corn, wheat, and soybean trials from across the United States show exceptional compatibility with current standard seed treatment products and improved yields over grower standard (Figure 3). Seed and soil microbe interactions are the first “real world” point of contact for your crop. Start things right with PhycoTerra® ST!


Product Logistics  


PhycoTerra® ST helps beneficial microbes thrive while also offering convenient mixability with your favorite seed treatment insecticides, fungicides, and inoculant products. PhycoTerra® ST can also be applied at low rates to provide an effective and unique mode of action to your existing seed treatment program.


Product Details


PhycoTerra® ST is available in 2.5-gallon jugs (2×2.5 gallon case) and 15-gallon kegs and can be added into many seed treatment systems. The keg option includes a convenient built-in agitator to help mix the product for optimum seed application.



Next Steps


It’s time to step up your seed treatments with a premier solution. Feed the microbes that feed your crop with PhycoTerra® ST! Contact your local sales representative for details or visit  for more details.

Figure 1 – PhycoTerra® ST adds a premier microbial food source around each seed allowing for an improved relationship between the seed and soil microbes. The zone around the seed where it interacts with the soil and microbes is called the spermosphere. 

Figure 2 – Crops with PhycoTerra® ST applied on the seed consistently show optimized growth early in the season compared to the control.  In the Midwest trial photo above, the PhycoTerra® ST plot outgrew and later out-yielded the standard practice by 16%, producing an additional 3.6 bu/ac and an ROI of 11:1 for the grower.

Figure 3 – Our small plot and field trial work across the USA consistently shows a strong win percentage, over standard grower practice, and a dramatic improvement in yield. Furthermore, we have exceptional compatibility with other seed treatment products (e.g., insecticides, fungicides, inoculants, etc.) and provide a unique mode of action that complements your favorite seed treatment package. 

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